Gold Minor

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Co-writers and original founding members Michael Carney and Adam Dragland began a musical venture over a decade ago in Saratoga Springs, New York. Their initial collaboration 7 Stories Falling landed an eclectic range of opening slots with Dashboard Confessionals, Ludacris, Blue Oyster Cult and other established artists along the east coast.

After relocating to the Bay Area in 2006, the pair spent several years performing under the name Team Candy, and The First Church of the Sacred Silversexual all the while writing, recording and searching for the right musical recipe. Jesse Ray Smith had ventured from Marin to San Francisco with The Pheromones, acquired 'Gulch Alley Studios', and co-founded acclaimed blues-soul rock outfit The Bad Jones. Simultaneously, Seattle rock theater drummer John Hollis (Hedwig, Ian Moore, Gerald Collier, Burning Opera SF) headed south from the soggy, forested Northwest music scene after a residency in SF with The Burning Opera. With the addition of Hollis and Smith at Gulch Alley Studios, Gold Minor found it's completion, it's home and its form.

And so the story begins...A series of recording/filming endeavors, touring dates and long bizarre weekends followed. The debut album Bone Flowers  is set to release in the following months with more travel and adventure to come.

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The Band

Michael Carney is a native New Yorker relocated to San Francisco with Adam Dragland many years past. A lifelong songwriter and classically trained vocalist, Michael writes and performs regularly in the Bay Area with Gold Minor and The First Church of the Sacred Silversexual.


Through the magic of the railway, Adam Dragland found his way from British Columbia to San Francisco by way of New York. 7 Stories Falling brought him west where he's played with Team Candy, First Church of the Sacred Silversexual, Kat Robichaud, and various artists in the Bay Area as a live performer and studio ace.




Jesse Ray Smith hails from Marin county. A lead vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, he performs regularly with Gold Minor and notorious Bay Area blues rock wizards The Bad Jones. Jesse owns and manages 'Gulch Alley Studios' and curates San Francisco's legendary artist-oriented tribute/event 'Off the Record'.





Drummer/percussionist John Hollis hauled ass to San Francisco after an extended tenure in Seattle WA. Performance credits include Hedwig & Angry Inch (SF/Seattle), How to Survive the Apocalypse (A Burning Opera), Gerald Collier, Manooghi Hi, Ian Moore and more. He currently plays with Gold Minor, Kat Robichaud and teaches/produces music at Rhythm Alchemy Studios in SF.